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Join us to learn all about breastfeeding with Kelly Duheme, IBCLC. We will discuss breastfeeding techniques and positions, benefits for both mom and baby, what to expect in the early days, and how your baby's feeding needs may change over time. Learn how to read your baby's hunger cues. Attending this class before your baby arrives can help prepare you for a smooth start on your breastfeeding...

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Childbirth Preparation is designed to educate expectant parents on their options during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. We will discuss having a healthy pregnancy, the work of labor and birth, coping with labor, options for medications and other interventions, being an active participant in your care, the role of the birth partner, and the first 48 hours after birth. The series will include discussions,...

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In June 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation removing religious/non-medical vaccine exemptions for children attending school in new York State. Under the new law, children who currently have a religious/non-medical exemption must have at east the first dose of a vaccine in each of the required vaccine series within the first 14 days of school.

While the medical community plays...

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Our informational seminars make it easy to learn everything you need to know, from our team's qualifications to what to expect, and how to get started on your weight-loss journey. These sessions offer the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions to help you prepare for a one-on-one consultation with our bariatric surgeon. Sign up for this free seminar by calling 518-693-4699. For more...

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In six 75-minute classes, instructors will guide you through postures which may decrease common pregnancy discomforts, such as back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, swelling, anxiety, and fatigue, in addition to stretching and toning muscles used during labor and delivery. Instructors will also focus on meditation, breathing, relaxation, and visualization in preparation for childbirth. Class is suitable...

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